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Low Red Moon

No​.​2 Happy Fun Tunes

by Man Of Arun

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I would have waited a minute but the minutes had gone They knock off at four-thirty their Union is strong Left me holding a pig in a poke And feeling like a punchline without any joke I think it's fair to say these aren't Arcadian days Caveat emptor is my middle name Always the optimist, never the bride Given the choice I'll always pick the wrong side They were gone, gone, gone, So long, long, long I thought they'd lost their way They were gone, gone, gone, So long, long, long I assumed they'd gone astray I liked you once, or was it twice But I really should have taken some professional advice Now I'm paying for failure of your fools endeavour And a water bill about the size of Nebuchadnezzar's. I live out my days on the crest of a slump Scanning through the small print till I've got the hump Terms and conditions never won fair lady Now there's wolves at the door and rats in the belfry They've been gone, gone, gone, So long, long, long Did they take the scenic route? They've been gone, gone, gone, So long, long, long If they're not here soon I'm gonna have to leave Safe in a fortress on my Maginot line Straightforward metaphor for a life that's passing by Through Belgium I've never been near a university but I've got a lot of records by XTC A bit part player in a very small pond Hanging on for dear life to my sense of pun I girdle my loins and I quench my fists The very merry model of a modern humanist A sentence is worth at least a thousand selfies If you're not going to buy it put it back on the shelf please They've been gone, gone, gone, So long, long, long I don't think they're coming back They've been gone, gone, gone, So long, long, long I've nothing left to say
Fallen 02:59 video
I used to really love you But I've just won a million pounds Though that's not much these days it doesn't pain me to say I can afford to have better things than you around So you're for the chop dear You've a few days to clear your gear I know it doesn't seem fair but I don't really care Moan as much as you like but do it elsewhere I'll do you one last favour And have that mangy cat of yours put down It'll be kinder that way now you've no where to stay So sling your hook and be on your way Through the rain and snow, the rain and snow You've got no home nowhere to go Lost, alone, afraid, aground If no one's looking you can't be found Faceless in your own home town It's not that you're forgotten Now I'm a millionaire But I'm told that with wealth you keep it all for yourself And one day it somehow gets to trickle down Like the urine from a wino Or the water seeping through your shoes This is what we're coming to Where people beg for luxuries like food In the rain and snow, the rain and snow You've got no home nowhere to go It's one way to keep the numbers down Hunger, exposure, or disease The homeless die faster living on the streets
Home 05:15 video


Having realised that the second track on this release, 'Fallen', would rapidly become out of date if Labour swept to power in the UK on 13th December I thought I'd better knock this out quickly to get in before the event. As it's turned out it will be relevant for many years to come.

I've coupled it with a new song, 'Wait A Minute', and a few reheated favourites previously available during the period I was using different names to group vaguely similar tracks. Now we're back to the mishmash of old. (Have I told you lately I like the Beatles White Album).


released December 11, 2019

Everything By Robert Boole

Except Cover Photograph by Daniel Boole


all rights reserved



Man Of Arun Horsham, UK

Faute de Mieux

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